Spokane Women on the Fly (SWOTF) is a diverse group of ladies that seems to be growing daily.  Several have absolutely no fly fishing experience but love the outdoors and want to learn.  Others have a couple years under their belt and need less help and a couple have been fishing for 20+ years.  I’ve been fly fishing since 2008 and am by no means and expert but am very passionate about the sport and want to share that with other women.

Spokane Women on the Fly was founded in 2014.  2016 was an incredible year for the group!  We have about 60+ active women.  Our vision is to connect like-minded women to network and have fishing partners as well as friends in the Inland Northwest.  Most of the women who have become a part of the group do not have much fly fishing experience.  That’s totally ok!!!  We are all very happy taking ladies out on the outings and teaching.

Heather Hodson – Founder Spokane Women on the Fly