Heather Hodson

Heather Hodson works hard to play even harder.  If she’s not saving lives as a Critical Care RN, you’ll find her traveling the country in search of new water to fish, hosting outings for women throughout the west, and teaching fly fishing classes. Heather founded United Women on the Fly in hopes of building a community, sharing knowledge and giving back to various fishing and conservation groups.  Heather currently holds the position of Western US Women’s/Diversity Ambassador for Trout Unlimited. She’s also no stranger to being behind the camera.  Heather started taking photos as a rodeo photographer with her 35mm.  With over some 100 days on the water this year, it’s always a tossup between catching fish or being creative behind the camera. Her passion for conservation, getting women involved in fly fishing, and enthusiasm to think outside the box is infectious.

“There’s nothing better than capturing the expression of someone who just caught their first fish on the fly, learned something new or living the life they love.”